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      Hi everybody !

      As part of my master’s degree at university, I’m planning to design a transportable bluetooth speaker (15 kg max) that I could use for little parties. I want it to be battery powered, and to use DSP with Sigma Studio as I learnt how to use it through my studies.

      Below are first sketches I did with SolidWorks, with a 6.5″ driver on front side, one on rear side, and two tweeters on front side. One 8″ passive radiator is on left side, and one on right side. At first I wanted to use a car amplifier for ease of implementation but finally I would want to use class D amps.

      As I want to use 2 x 6.5″ woofers and 2 tweeters, I would want to use a 2.1 system and I saw in a video ( removed link ;t=3s&ab_channel=WONDOMAudio) that I could use a mono JAB3-100 + a stereo JAB2-30 class D amps to make my 2.1 system. The JAB3 has a DSP integrated that can be programmable with Sigma Studio to make dynamic EQs for example. My biggest concern was to know how to power everything, and in the video they use a Wondom 18650 Battery Balance and Protection Extension Board, and it would be great for me as it seems to be quite easy to setup, and it makes it easy to power my amps, I just have to buy a few 18650 batteries. I can even connect 2 of these battery boards in parallel to have a bigger capacity. However I saw people having problems with those boards but I don’t know what problems exactly. My question is : do someone have already tried this setup ? Does it work properly ?

      I’m also thinking that maybe it would be easier to have one 2.1 amp instead of two different amps to make my 2.1 system, and I saw the Toid’s DIY Audio video on the Arylic 2.1 amp. It looks awesome and has a DSP but I wonder how could I power it ? Maybe with 18650 batteries too ? In that case I would need something similar to the Wondom 18650 Battery Balance and Protection Extension Board but I don’t know if something like this exists. The other big problem is that I want to use Sigma Studio to program dynamic EQs and I think it’s only possible to use the DSP app given with the amp (Up2Stream DSP) right ?
      I would love to have feedback on your personal experience, if you think the JAB boards setup is a good solution, or if you have a solution to use Sigma studio with the Arylic 2.1 amp, and maybe if you have advices on how to power it.
      I put the links of the JAB boards + battery charger if you want to check

      PS : i’m a beginner in electronics, but I have knowledge about DSP (Sigma studio, …)

      JAB2-30 class D amp : removed link

      JAB3-100 class D amp :  removed link

      Wondom 18650 battery charger :  removed link

      Thank you very much !!


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