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      I was on Parts Express and saw a new sub from DS18 Model # ZR15.2D. I’ve always known them as a car audio company. This sub caught my attention as it’s F3 ported frequency is 16hz in a 7.8cuft ported box. All for $189.00. The EBP Calc comes to 37.68 which says sealed, but with 25mm xmax and 16hz f3 do y’all think this would make a good home theater sub option. They also make a 4ohm version.

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      @JCarp that sounds really good. I’ll have to do some modeling in the next couple days. Typically when I model car subwoofers they usually have too low of a first Port resonance or way too much port noise. But this is a generality. There’s been a lot of car subwoofers that do work well as well.

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      @JCarp I was just modeling it and it looks like a very good subwoofer for that purpose. In an 8 cubic foot box that F3 is around 18hz (before high pass). Even with a 4th order 16hz high pass, the F3 is still 20hz. It checks all the boxes with airport velocity and first port resonance. Seems like this and the MX15-22 are the best for value. I think I like MX15 better, just due to it only needing a 5.3 cubic foot box versus an 8 cubic foot box. Especially since they are so close in price. But I really like how this models.

      And don’t forget the EBP is a guideline. I would not be concerned with this.

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        Thank you for your help! I really appreciate everything you’ve done with the forum, and YouTube channel. I agree with you, I think the mx-15 is the better option.

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        @JCarp I appreciate you brining this up. I probably would not have even look at it. It might be interesting to see how this would work sealed with DSP. It might be really nice in that setup. I didn’t look into it.

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