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    Posted by zqrilsvof on September 4, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    So, I decided to open this thread to consolidate work on DSPs here. Regardless if you are using Texas Instruments solution that is similar to SigmaStudio, using DIRAC, using miniDSP’s software alternative to SigmaStudio, etc.

    DSPs and active crossovers have their own challenges. I even considered putting this in the crossover section because of the DSP relation to active crossovers. But there isn’t a neat place to tuck this. @TVOR-Ceasar – if you want, you can add a new topic in that section for DSPs, as it is similar to crossovers, amplifiers (as some DSPs now have amps with them, such as the JAB series among others), pre-amplifiers due to the signal processing, etc.

    @ElliottDesigns – wanted to tag you since you mentioned about this.

    Now, recently, I found the problem I was having with some of my designs for the JAB5. When trying to add the part for external potentiometers for each speaker after the active crossover, it stops playing sound. I am still trying to figure out why, as I have decided to do three independent gain knobs for the 3-way, then the master volume.

    Does anyone have more experience with sigmastudio? Otherwise, I’ll post the solution once I figure it out.

    Edit: turns out it was working, but unlike the master volume which defaulted to full volume, the gain switches defaulted to off. I didn’t plug the potentiometers in because of being lazy, but plugged them in to try. And they work. so now back to figuring out how to import the frequency response (or what I am doing wrong) for the autoEQ. Then is making FIR filters. Then just playing around with different ways to adjust phase, to adjust timing, etc. That way when I build my boxes, I can tune them quickly.

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