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      An Aliexpress misplaced order left me with 50-odd euro store credit and decided to purchase some cheap* drivers:

      4 inch 40W woofer

      Silk dome tweeter

      along with a couple TWS capable bluetooth amp boards

      I don’t trust any of the graphs or TS parameters provided by the seller, but it’s somewher to start from.

      I don’t intend on even getting a finished pair of speakers out of this, but to get familiar with speaker designing software, crossover and cabinet design and what changes to them make to the how the speaker sounds. I’m not buying  measuring equipement so I’ll just sitck to what sounds good to me. 

      I’ll start with calculating a basic ported enclosure, a 1st order crossover and I’ll build on from that.

      I’ve still got a lot of reading to do while my parts arrive, so I’ll keep this thread updated as a work log.

      *cheap as in getting brand-name speakers in Spain is outrageously expensive, more than 300€ for the DINAS drivers, convert that to dollars, compare it with the price in parts-express and cry in agony.

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      THis is a great idea!  I honestly wish more people would do this.  Don’t worry so much about the perfect design, just get used to figuring out everything.  And honestly, if you can get cheap drivers to sound good…you are going to do well when you move up to more expensive drivers.

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      While waiting for my parts to arrive, I’ve been mucking around with vituixcad using its useful trace feature to generate the Z and SPL response input data using the manufacturer graphs.

      Right now I’m focusing on the crossover (wanted to go with a simple 1st order electrical for my first try, but had to add an L-pad to tame that tweetter), as I’m not yet literate enough to tackle phase alignment.

      Feel free to give your opinion.




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