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      Hey guys and gals, I have a pair of 2-1/4 drivers I pulled out of Bose SoundDock. They seem to be 4ohm and an unknown wattage or response characteristics. I’m hoping to get the most mids and highs out of them and add a sub separately later.

      The idea is to have a sealed box out of MDF but I am puzzled as to what dimensions or shape.

      How would you do it?

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      Welcome to the forum!

      Without a device such as the DATS system, it would be near impossible to make an ideal box from scratch for those drivers, however you can estimate the size of the box originally used and use that volume for the new box.

      If you’re up for the challenge however it would probably be worth buying a new set of drivers from the likes of partsexpress (or a similar shop that might be available to you). That way you can get drivers that probably sound a lot better than the salvaged ones and most probably for a price less than what would cost you in wood/MDF (there are some really great cheap drivers out there). All that and you get the measurements which will enable you to design an ideal box for said driver!

      It should also be worth noting that unless using the electronics from the device it might sound pretty bad since it is likely they are using plenty of DSP to make it sound good.

      Hope this helps,


      Elliott Dyson – Elliott Designs (YouTube) – 3rd year MENG Student
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      Well, if you have the time and some rudimentary equipment, you can measure the Thiele – Small parameters without a DATS. The place I remember best is Elliot Sound Products. Give that a read and see if you think you could do that.

      Another way I used to do initial design was to use cardboard mock-ups, start with just 1 layer of corrugated, see how it sounds, and adjust the box size by sliding the back in or out to change the volume. It works well enough when you are just getting started or have no information on a driver.

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      @sailcs33 I agree with everything that has been said.  I believe Bose typically uses DSP.  Of course, since you aren’t digging down as low, you probably could get away with just a simple BSC.  If you have a multimeter measure each drivers impedance.  Once you get that, you could try to figure out it’s BSC here. Of course, it is hard to say at what frequency those drivers will be good at.  They may not be good past 200hz. 

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      Thank you all for all the responses. I’ll give it a go. So far I have completed step 1 which is removing any electronics from the SoundDock and just leaving the drivers in. I wired the leads outside to connect to another amp. To my ear things have improved but this is not my final goal. I would like to separate the left and right channels from being in the same box.

      I’ll make up a basic housing from 3/4 MDF and compare test sweep frequencies.

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      @sailcs33 just remember, when measuring in your room (not right next to the driver), your ideal response is no longer flat but should follow a room curve, the most typical of which is the Harman room curve. Which has a downward slope past about 2khz if I remember correctly. It’s about 6db down by the time it reaches 20khz, and there is a similar slope but increasing in the bass frequencies, this one is based on preference and is between 3-10db. There should be some images online that should be fairly easy to find.

      If playing below 75db at the listening position it may be more preferable to have a V shaped response to compensate for how we hear differently at different volumes. The lower the max volume the more substantial the V response should be.

      These are all baselines really, in the end, it’s down to what you like/prefer.

      Elliott Dyson – Elliott Designs (YouTube) – 3rd year MENG Student

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