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  • First Subwoofer Build Plans, Could use advice

    Posted by moses659511525 on June 25, 2022 at 9:58 pm

    Hello all,

    I’ve been watching a ton of Nick’s and Justin’s videos on subwoofer designs, reading forums and articles, and browsing this site for the past several months now. I have never built any type of speaker before, but really want to build some nice budget subs that will replace my two BIC V1220s I have currently. These BIC’s really start to roll off around 35hz. I have looked at a few different drivers, initial the Dayton MX15-22 based on Nick’s build and then checked out the Dayton Ultimax 12 based on Steve’s hammer build over at home theater guru. Then looked at the Ultimax 15 just for comparison and educational purposes against the MX15. I actually found the Ultimax 12 in a 6 ft^3 box ported at 15 hz gives me a very nice response and concluded to build 2 of these being that my room isn’t very big. Then I came across the Stereo Integrity HT-18v3. This by far seems to be one of the best budget subwoofers on the market at $200 and have decided this will be the one to use. Let me also note I don’t currently have the funds to build these, I am just planning the build now for when I can afford it in hopefully the near future. I have tried to design the subs to go as low as possible using an 8 ft^3 box. Currently I have the box tuned to 10 hz. One of my main questions is, will this design perform well or sound too muddy? What other sound quality issues might I incur with a design like this as opposed to tuning the box to something like 19hz? Obviously tuning to a higher frequency will yield more spl around the 20hz region but then fall off pretty quickly. I feel the benefit of having more spl in the 10hz and less range will outweigh the spl boost around 18hz range. I tried my best to compromise between port velocity and 1st port resonance. I came to the conclusion that first port resonance will outweigh port velocity in this design being that the highest port velocity happens around 7.5hz and there probably isn’t too much content in this frequency range. Also, being that 2 of these subs in my size room will be able to play louder than I will ever need, I can dsp the 20hz to 80hz range down to get a flatter response all the way down to single digits. I plan to crossover at 80hz and get something like a Berenger NX3000 along with a minidsp 2x4HD. I also wanted to look at a sealed setup so I modeled a sub with a 4 ft^3 based on Stereo Integrity’s recommendation. I found using a power level of 500 watts rms for both designs and a linkwitz transform on the sealed design, I am essentially getting almost the same response for either design. This definitely surprised me and now has me thinking the sealed box is the way to go. Please find the two designs below and educate me on things I am likely missing or un-aware of. Also, any and all input is greatly appreciated! One last note, I have simulate voice coil inductance on as these subs have a fairly large Le at 4.7 mH.

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