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      Short version is that I have a pair of JBL TR225’s that I do not have an amp for yet, and I also want to set up a home theater for the first time, so I figure, why not use those in a way to make them part of my front stage?

      (NOTE: I have not been bitten by the audiophile bug, so I would be more than happy with some rigged setup for now just to utilize everything I have before I start replacing anything)

      JBL TR 225 specs –

      Sony STR DG820 –

      Longer version: I’m brand new to home audio, have been given audio equipment over the years, and just want to finally put something together. I’ve watched a few videos on how to hook up a separate amp with preouts to a home theater receiver, so I know that’s a thing people do sometimes. I randomly have a pair of JBL TR225’s that I’ve been sitting on that I need to finally power, and I can’t help but feel like they’d make for a nice front right and front left when I finally set up the home theater. Haha. They’re 4 ohm speakers and are rated at 450w rms, so I feel like I’m asking for problems if I hooked them up to my Sony STR DG820 Reciever that I was given a long time ago and just fired up for the first time the other day. Legit 2 channel power amps look EXPENSIVE, and although I’m sure they sound better than pro audio dj power amps, that’s what I was looking at used on ebay just to find something that can dish out enough wattage 4 ohm stable. ALSO I know people like Nick have videos posted putting together their own amps from so maybe that could be a good have my cake and eat it too option?

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      It is pretty late to give all my thoughts on this, but I will look at it more in the morning. Short though, is that JBL make some great speakers. In my quick search I couldn’t find any response graphs, but if they are the right price, I would jump on them. I don’t have any experience with them, but I can’t see them as bad speakers. I would definitely use them for front soundstage if I had the chance.

      As far as the amplifier goes, don’t worry about wattage. Those speakers are very sensitive. You won’t need much power at all to push them. In fact, if your sony is 4 ohm capable, I would just use that for now. BUt my guess is it isn’t. Interestingly enough, we are talking amplifiers on Sound Advice tomorrow. It will be on DIY Audio Guy’s channel. So if that interests you, 7pm CST.

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      Yeah after I posed this I saw that you guys are going to be talking about amps tonight so I definitely planned on catching it tonight. Haha.

      I do already have both of the JBL TR225 speakers and that receiver but I was just afraid of hooking up 4 ohm speakers to it. Haha. We have baby #2 on the way so I figure before my already limited free-time disappears come August I’m on a mission to pursue some of these hobbies to cure the itch before I can’t put time into it for a while.

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      Congratulations! Baby two, that is awesome! Quick aside, are those Athena speakers on top of the JBL?

      You can always hook them up to the amplifier and see what happens. There is a protection circuit that should kick on if it can’t push them. BUt just keep in mind, should doesn’t necessarily mean will. So you will be taking chance on smoke coming out of the amplifier.

      I did double check that amplifier and unfortunately it doesn’t have RCA pre-outs for the front speakers. If it did, you would be set. WHat I would probably do, is check facebook marketplace or somewhere for an older receiver with HDMI that has RCA pre-outs. If you can find one, you can add an external amplifier that can handle 4 ohms. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of HT receivers that handle 4 ohm.

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      Thanks for the congrats on baby number 2!

      Yes, those are two Athenas (Point5MKII Sys) but they’re actually on top of two “Realistic” brand speakers (not sure what model). One of the two JBL’s were off in the corner of the first picture. I just wheeled out one of the JBL’s to show the size difference compared to the Realistic ones.

      Yeah I ended up learning too that there aren’t pre-outs as well. Devient4Life actually sent me this article which led to me purchasing this bad boy from ebay (shipped from china) in hopes that I can pull the signal of JUST the front right and front left to toss to a separate 4 ohm stable amp (likely your 200asc/200ac build). I figure it has the potential to be:
      -safer than just hooking the JBL’s up to my receiver
      <font face=”inherit”>-better than hooking up a LOC to the </font>receiver<font face=”inherit”> to turn full on output back to signal again</font>
      -way cheaper than purchasing a whole new receiver that has pre-outs AND a stereo amp

      I made and attached a layout of my plan to make it a lil easier for peeps to ready.

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      Congrats on kiddo #2. Be prepared for all the “successive child parenting” memes.

      Those Realistics, IIRC, are their PA speakers, 2 – 10″ and their ubiquitous Piezo horn tweeter. (2×6? I have a pair buried in storage somewhere 🙂 ) I think they were good for 100 watts. Don’t recall the other specs. There’s a site out there with Radio Shack catalogs you can look through. These are probably from latter 80’s, earlier 90’s.

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      It looks like a good setup. I used to love Athena speakers. I have never really heard those specific Athenas, but always thought the Athena AS-F2 hit way above their price range. I always regretted not buying a pair.

      It looks like you have everything figured out.

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