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      Hi Everyone! Just joined the forum and wanted to drop by here and introduce myself a bit. I am from Hayward,CA. 31 years old, works at a medical device company in management. I am really into electronics in general but more specifically, computers, speakers, headphones, amps but unfortunately, not rich enough to splurge on awesome gears.

      My current audio set up on my desktop has Schiit stacks (Modi 2U, Magni 3) with a couple of headphones from Sennheiser & HiFiman from massdrop. 

      I started watching DIY videos on youtube about small bluetooth speakers and fell in love. Right now, learning some wood working from a friend of mine and maybe start a project!

      Nice meeting you all~

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      Welcome @Kuro!  We are really excited to have you.  My first few speakers were also bluetooth speakers, in fact, I am currently finishing up a Bluetooth boombox for a friend of mine right now.  If all goes well I’ll be completely finished this weekend.  and in the mail on Monday.  

      It is great to hear that you have a friend who is into woodworking.  I relied solely on the internet when I first started.  Boy would it have been nice to have a friend.  Luckily, I like to research, otherwise I doubt I would have went far into it.  

      Anyway, we are glad to have you on board!

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      Welcome Kuro!  We’re practically neighbors.  I’m in San Leandro.  Wood working and speaker building is a great hobby.  Good to meet you too.

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      Helloooo Kuro! (I have to yell, I’m all the way on the east coast. 😀) Glad to meet you.

      Any builds or projects you have on your mind? Seems our collective creativity is growing by the day and could help realize your idea(s).

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      ~hi five~

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      I am mainly into building custom computers but I was looking for a good speaker for upgrading my set up  (currently using logitech z623) and found the DINAS and a couple other options like AudioEngine A2, A5. I ‘ll probably build a pair of DINAS as I have never done a DIY speakers before. 

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      The Dinas are a really neat speaker.  Of course, I have built a few pairs 😎  They really are an impressive speaker.  I had a friend over and started playing a little music, where the bass hit a little later in the song. And before the bass hit, he said, “Those sound really good.”  Then the bass dropped…along with his jaw.  He just smiled from ear to ear.  He was completely in awe that those speakers he was listening to had that type of range.  

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      Come to think of it @lindelium18 heard them as well at MWAF and was from what I have recorded, was impressed.  Of course, I’ll let him speak for himself 😀 

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      I think aesthetically also, it looks awesome. I saw some pics of the blue striped DINAS you brought to MWAF. I just need to find time to starts the project, maybe I’ll create a build log along the way. My 6 months old baby boy along with my day job is pretty much taking up all the time I have..

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      123toid is correct. I heard the Dinas at MWAF and “impressed” is an understatement. I was blown away by the bass response at first and then throughly impressed with the overall sound!

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      Welcome. Babies and jobs do tend to get in the way of speaker building. I’m sure you’ll find a balance. Starting with a kit is the best intro to the hobby. You will learn a lot during the build that will help when you decide to do your own design.

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      Welcome to the hobby Kuro,

      Besides the internet there are also many books on speaker building. The loudspeaker design cookbook is a good one and is probably available at your public library.

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