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      Just perusing PE and looking at possibilities. Came across the Goldwood GW-6024 6-1/2″ woofer. I ran a few numbers and it looks like you could do a cube with a 13-1/4″ inside measure (1.33 cu.ft.), a 1-1/2″ port @ 1-1/2″ long, and it’ll play down to an F3 of 30 Hz. I’d think that this would be fair enough to place at your feet while working at the computer. I’d like a slightly smaller box and a bit more XMAX, but for that close, you could squish the box a little and I doubt you’d push it anywhere near it’s rated power (especially at nearly 90 dB efficient).

      Thoughts? Throw them out here no matter what they might be.

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      Sweet!  I’ll check them otu later.  One of my favorite budget desktop subs are the GRS.  They aren’t great by any means, but for the price, hard to beat.  I’ll look into the Goldwood thsi week.  Thanks for the tip!

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      For comparison, this is the same size Goldwood Subwoofer. All in all, it isn’t quite up to the one I linked at the top.

      I think that if it came down to the type of amp, that would be the deciding factor. A 2.1 amp would cause me to use the standard woofer.

      If the amp was a standard stereo (2 channel), then the actual subwoofer would be the better bet, mostly for ease of connection.


      *Actually, when you read the datasheet provided, the SPL level is a bit better at 4 ohms (apples to apples), but the box size should be bigger. I’ll have to look when I get back home.

      The SPL level listed on PE’s page is for the 16 ohm wiring scheme. 

      **Okay, ran the numbers real quick. You get an F3 of 29 Hz, but at a 1.8 cu.ft. box, a half cu.ft. bigger than the regular woofer. Reduce the box down to 1.33 cu.ft. and the F3 goes up to 37 Hz. 

      XMAX is different by 0.5 mm, with the edge going to the plain woofer.

      The other big difference is in the surround. The woofer has a rubber surround while the sub has a foam surround. Personally, I prefer the rubber surround for longevity. I’ve had too many foam surrounds destroy themselves.

      All in all, if I were to buy one of these, I would probably buy the regular woofer for the extra $8.

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