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      because half naked sounds silly

      i really was tempted to name them so because:

      1) they live up to the name for sound and clarity (non revealing), with very good imaging.

      2) they are bare basic, no expensive finished, just bang for the buck plain speaker

      3) recycled parts where i could without sacrificing too much sound:
      – multiplex wood at wood workshop’s bin (asked them nicely 🙂 )
      – custom fullrange (based on TB W3-315SE with different mount?) from builders radio

      i originally used these speakers in a floorstanding concept (2.5khz xover, 6db/oct), but me being unexperienced back in the day it had alignment issues (woofer/fullrange 40cm away in the enclosure) which made it sound compressed.

      luckily i had the recycled wood bookshelf enclosures laying around with a recycled jvc woofer and visaton FRS8-4 per speaker crossed at 2.6KHZ, on 12DB removed link

      i simply decided to swap speakers, turned out to be almost perfect, attenuated the high notes by a 3.3R resistor before the highpass xover. was still not there yet, so i went on and began fiddling with the tone controls on my cladd D 8w rms amplifier (with vu meters 😀 )*

      woofers: Dayton DA175-8

      costs: 180€ (around 200USD) incl the amplifier

      <a title=”left speaker” href=” removed link ” target=”true”>image: left speaker (dropbox)

      * = amp: scythe kama bay amp 2100

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      Nice!  Love the picture.  Those are looking great! 

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      You should post this photo in the inspiration gallery.  It would be awesome to see it there.

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      wait, there is a inspiration gallery?


      also, just had someone into hifi listen to them, they had this to say (shortened to a few sentences):

      very wide stereo imaging (in my living room with them placed against the wall)

      upfront mids, bringing vocals alive

      bass has a nice and deep low end extension

      lacks a bit ultra highs, but isn’t annoying at all.


      listened to these songs:

      natasha bedingfield – i bruise easily

      michael jackson – bad

      jeremy soule – forest green

      chris jones – long after you’re gone


      test setup was: nokia asha 501 phone as media device, headphone out to amp: renkforce mp2000 (modded with way better power supply caps), 2 pairs of 2.5mm ofc copper cables, 2 meter each, with the speakers elevated a bit above ear level (sitting on top of my b&w DM603 S3 speakers, with padding between)


      so no eq, with a short audio path as i could get (phone > amp > speakers) 🙂


      should i tell him the whole setup did set me back only around €250 (€300 incl playback device)? 😛 (i mean he was pretty surprised when i told i used olf builders radio fullrange speakers as mid-high speakers)

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      we tried other songs as well, but the mastering quality was noticable to it’s age


      gregory porter – liquid spirit was linked to 60’s style mastering

      and maroon 5 – makes me wonder sounded early 2000’s due to the compression and boxy sound.


      these speakers give a fairly uncolored and true representation, hiding nothing from you. :’)

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      Wow!  That is high praise!  You must have been excited to hear that.  I wish I could hear them.  They sound fantastic!  I love the concept. 

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