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      Hi everyone, excited to start my speaker building journey.

      I’ve always been interested in speakers, but never really considered building my own until i found the youtube channel several months ago. I have the personality where I kind of go all in and sometimes over the top so I really wanted to make my own speaker even for the first attempt.

      I decided to go all in on a two-way system with a larger driver and a goal to make it not need a subwoofer. A few months back I actually picked up the Bohlender Graebener Neo3-PDRW Planar Tweeter with Back Cup and coincidentally a Tang Band W8-2096 few days before 123Toid made the video preview on it. I chose the Bohlender because I’ve always liked planars and the shown frequency response seemed to match up fairly well.

      I knew I would need to measure the speakers impedance and frequency response of course especially the Bohlender since not many reviews or information on it. However, I didn’t realize I would have to wait for the DATS V3 since you also currently can’t order the DATS V2. So i have been sitting on the project for awhile while waiting.

      Despite the large driver I actually want to make it a desktop speaker. I have a large desk so it will probably work for me but not many other desks. The reasoning behind no subwoofer is I have found for desks its quite hard to blend speakers on top of a desk to a subwoofer under it.

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      If only Arizona was closer to West Tennessee, if have you over and take some measurements. It has been a pain having people have to wait for Dats

      By the way, great choice in the W8-2096.  Fantastic driver!  I absolutely love mine. We’re here if you need help along the way. I’m really excited to see how this turns out 

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      Edins, welcome to “the club” as it were. Once you’ve completed your first build, you’ll never want to stop. 🙂

      As far as the DATS goes, the wait is almost over (11/29 release date – let’s hope).  Still debating on if it’s in the budget…

      Don’t forget to share the build or the final result. Looking forward to it.

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