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      Hello Everyone!  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I am retired from the transportation industry.  I’ve taken up woodworking, including speaker building, to prevent my brain turning into oatmeal from lack of use.

      I’ve recently finished building the DINAS.  I’ll post photos in another thread.  My congrats to Nick and Joe on creating speakers with an incredible sound.  They are truly a treat for my ears.  Nick – thanks for answering my questions so quickly.

      I’m currently working on plans for an entertainment center to hold my music collection and eventually a tube amp and music server.  There will be more speakers!

      My name is Phil

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      Greetings from a fellow transportation worker. I aspire to be able to say retired from one day. Welcome to the forum 

      Jack from Indiana 


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      Greetings Phil!  We are so glad to have you!  I must say, your Dinas as a site to hold.  I absolutely love them.  If you don’t mind, I would love to post some of your pictures on Instagram.  I know Joe would love to see them as well.  I wish I lived closer, I would love to see them in person.  You are a true woodworker, that is for sure.  But it looks like Pa, is a little too far for me.  We look forward to seeing your entertainment center.  Feel free to share a build log.  I know, I would love to see that. 

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      Use the photos any way you’d like! 

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      I’m not too far from you Phil. I’m stationed up in Solano county. My wife would go to San Fran every weekend if she could Haha. I’m gonna go find your speaker build, really interested. 

      Also what kind of woodworking do you enjoy? Small projects, yard projects? Furniture? I build a few things myself when I get time. Just about everything. I’ve done a couple big bar/wine cabinets, tables, shelves, cabinets, little nic nacks, outdoor stuff. I enjoy it all as long as I’m building. 

      Not to drag on, but where do you find your wood? I’m having a heck of a time finding a lumber yard. 

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      Welcome Phil. Looking forward to seeing your work.

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      Welcome Phil! If you feel so inclined, drop a few pics of your builds in the Inspiration Gallery. It’d be interesting to see individual “takes” on known designs. (gotta make it your own, right?)

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      Dang Phil, I hope you feel welcomed by now 🙂 

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      Thanks for the welcome.  Sorry for late reply.  The response notifications were going to my spam folder.  I have corrected this. 


      Here’s the inspiration photo of the project I’m currently working on and a website link: https://www.commonsenseaudio.com/customerspeakers.html  Interesting website – scroll down.  Speaker build to follow.



      I’m also a cyclist and I’m training for the tour of Napa so work is progressing slowly right now.  I’m taking lots of photos so the build is well documented.  Hopefully I’ll post them later this month.



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      If you’re looking for hardwood, check out this place next time you’re in the area – https://www.macbeath.com/

      Located on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley.


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