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      Howdy all !! 

      I’m from a small french island in the indian ocean, not so much equipent availible here, and i like good sound.

      I own a pair of vintage KEF Q60 and a set of B&W LM1…….I know not the best in their class nor are they impressive but still good and from renown manufacturers. But I bought them dirt cheap 15 years ago like 10€ for each pair, they had no clue what they were selling.

      So now i need to mod the Xovers in the Q60s as the response is crap, with dips where there should not be, but i’v heard it’s their signature W sound.

      Any way, I built a setup for using REW for getting the small parameters from the drivers, got a UMIK1 as well.

      What motivated me coming here as opposed to the other big forums is the “less” high end big buck approach shown on the TOIDS channel.


      I’m on my way to search the forum and read what ever can help me or even enlight me !

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      @jay974 THis is awesome!  Exactly the type of thing I like to see.  I have some old Klipsch I want to open up and redo the crossover.  The speakers aren’t bad…but they also aren’t good.  Could definitely use some crossover adjustment.  I am looking forward to seeing what you do and helping if needed.

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