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      It looks like there are at least a couple other forum members from Texas. We moved here a few years ago. I got into DIY as a way to have better speakers on a budget and get into woodworking with my dad. Our first project was building a kit of Jeff Bagby’s Continuums over a long 4th of July weekend. Next, I “designed” a sealed 15″ ultimax in a 4 cubic foot box since that modeled better for me than the 3 cubic foot boxes sold by parts express. It’s hooked up to an inuke dsp with plans to add a second sub down the road. My last completed project was outdoor speakers where I wanted to experiment with controlled directivity with inexpensive drivers in case I messed up or when they need replacement from exposure to the elements. I used a DC28F inside a SEOS with a GRS 8″ poly woofer. The project came together quite nicely.

      Currently, I have two ongoing projects in different incomplete stages. First is 4 atmos speakers using Dayton 5″ coaxials in a folded transmission line. It was placed on hold when we decided to move. I did build an initial box and crossover that measured well. I redesigned the box slightly since the new home will have a dedicated home theater without the same WAF factor constraints so I can use the line taper to angle to coaxial toward the listening position. The second incomplete project is a desktop monitor project. I was already looking at using the Lepai 2.1 plate amp. After seeing the 123Toid Dinas project, I decided to imitate the double W5 tangband subs but using the paper version of the fullrange and a different tweeter I was already planning to use in my build. I’ve designed a box for these and even purchased a nice spalted pecan board for the baffles that should go well with leftover walnut ply I have.

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      Welcome!  We happy to have you.  I always loved Texas, visited a few times when my sister lived there.  Boy everything in Texas is bigger!  here I am building an 8″ sub and you are build an 18″ monstrosity. 😆  I love the idea you are doing for a Dinas inspired desktop build that will be cool and I am very interested in your atmos speakers.  Those sound really awesome!  Feel free to post any pictures of the projects you have finished.  I know for a fact that I am not the only one that would like to see them.  Either create a new build thread or you can easily add them to the inspiration gallery.

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      Welcome from one Texan to another! I’m about 20 miles South of Fort Worth and live in Alvarado. Where are you located? With it being such a small State, I’m sure we’re within yelling distance of each other,lol.  

      Looking forward to seeing your future projects. Good luck on em.

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      Hi guys! Like Kevin said, since Texas is such a small state, we all could do lunch next time the wife and I visit her nephew in Port Lavaca. 😆

      I’m with Nick (123Toid) in that I’d like to see what you’ve built. Sounds like interesting stuff.

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      @kevin-kendrick We aren’t far away. We just moved to Mansfield, which is south of Arlington/Grand Prairie but still in the metroplex. At some point we should definitely meet up and collaborate on a build.

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      I worked in Mansfield many years ago, definitely not too far away. Let me put my current projects to bed and I’ll reach out to see what we can come up with together after that. Nice to see so many guys from Texas finally, was beginning to think I lived on an island when it comes to DIY audio. 

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      We’re in a temporary apartment right now while our house is being built. We won’t be moving into the house until around November. Assuming I have my current speaker projects finished by then, I’ll be working on pull out shelves for the kitchen cabinets after we move. My plate is full as well right now.

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      Sounds good, we’ll hook up at some point. Good luck on your current projects!


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