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      Hi. So I didn’t come to the introduction part first and kind of dived in head long into the design and planning for projects. Here in a second, you will understand that is part of who I am.

      A bit about me: a failed physics major that early on quit after getting a D in EP1 because I did not have Calc II under my belt. Philosophy in undergrad, followed by a law degree (corporate and securities focus; not currently practicing; do NOT ask for legal advice, I cannot give it at the moment and likely couldn’t anyways unless you live in my licensed jurisdictions and needed advice in the area in which I practice, and even then I would have to go active again, blah blah blah).

      My dad gave me a book on how to build loudspeakers in high school. I could do all but integrals at that time to calculate the box and certain aspects of design. But, didn’t have that much money and it being high school and other things on my mind, this went by the wayside. Same with undergrad. Law school I treated like serving a prison sentence: keep your nose clean and head down for 3 years and you’ll make it through it. LOL.

      After grad school, I did start picking up TV and display calibration. Bought that equipment and it changed my experience with media again. Aside from helping with headaches to a degree (different story), it was a creature comforts thing. That has slowly led me back to speakers, funny enough, especially with being able to get out less (2020 for most people) and needing projects and new stuff to research.

      From that background, this is why I lay out things in spreadsheets, compile data, analyze it, then visualize the box, come up with the equations to figure out lengths, widths, depths, and volumes of the components, then work it toward a solution on what shape the box wants to be. I see box design as a journey of discovery. You are not fully designing the box. You are discovering what your components want and what they say the box should be. You are coming to what is already there for the optimal design (assuming certain factors and design choices made). In that way, it is like learning a new love each time.

      Dorky? Sure. Nerdy? No doubt. But that is me.

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