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    Hey guys, new to the forum here. Although I am new to building speakers, I’ve always been a builder at heart. I’ve completed two projects so far (DINAS & C-Notes) and had a blast working on them. My goal is to not only become a better builder, but also a designer. I look forward to learning from this community, and also hope to provide some valuable insight from time to time. Cheers!


  • Hi Everyone!

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  • 123toid

    December 8, 2020 at 4:52 am


    I am obviously a fan of the Dinas.  You did a fantastic job on them.  I must say, I really like the finish on the Cnotes as well.  It is hard to get that nice of a finish, but it doesn’t look like you had any issues with it.

    We would be happy to help with building and designing.  We had a community build going on, but it got shelved for a few personal reasons.  I am hoping to pick that back up soon.  When I do, hopefully you will join us, so it can help you with the crossover design. We will be using xsim.  I should have a video on the basics of that program out later this week if you aren’t aware how to use it. In the meantime I included the download as a rar file. 



    Hi Everyone!