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      I don’t have much to say honestly.  I’m just a normal guy who likes good sound and enjoys building stuff.  I’m married with a couple kids and a couple dogs and live in McKinney, Texas.  I have an old speaker project that isn’t getting used and I want to use the components and my now better building skills to improve the audio in my house.  I stumbled across some of Toid’s videos perusing Youtube about the Dayton RS100-4’s I have and how to put them to use.  Once I compile a better list of what I have to use both for the new speakers plus the specs on the powered sub I will be using I’ll make a formal build post.  Basically I want to have some smaller speakers to use in my living room that sound nice, don’t take up much space and fulfill the WAF.  I’m ready to find out what I don’t know and put it to good use.

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      Welcome @2ndstorer 

      It is great to have you.  I am glad to hear you found some of the videos useful.  I must say, I really do like those RS100-4’s.  They are a fantastic little driver.  Fell free to ask away and share your ideas.  We would love to see what you are thinking about. 

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      Will do.  I have the RS100’s in a little suitcase speaker right now but it’s literally been sitting behind my side table for about 5 or 6 years.  I have a little amp in the suitcase speaker I may use but I need to check the specs on it versus a Lepai 2020 amp I also have laying around for another project that didn’t happen.  I will be ordering a Dayton wavelink to connect my sub to the audio out of the TV.  I have a sub at work that I need to bring home.  It was one that the A/V guy wasn’t going to use anymore and it needed a new home.  Anyway, I’ll get my thoughts, info and pics of where things are going to go and post up here in the next few days. 

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      Welcome! I’ve got friends and family in TX. Arlington and just south of Victoria, to be a bit more precise.

      Those RS100’s have some decent specs. With a sub, they’d be quite nice for a small to medium sized room. 

      It’ll be interesting to see what you settle on once you get the rest of the info out here for us to peruse.

      As Nick said, feel free to ask and share. You never know what someone will come up with or inspire.

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