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    Hello all in here

    Last 5 years ive bin working on combined stereo/HT Theatre system, until now it have bin so wunderfull to have in my own place. Using the setup aprox 50/50 on Music/Movies

    A week ago, i’ve bought 4 Dayton MX 15-22 to do (My first build) 2 closed enclosures..there on the way, but

    Have bin using WinISD and SubBox to do the curve and enclosure..Until now i have not bin able to finish this..

    I need some help, and thats why im posting on this Forum…Found u on YouTube

    My own idear is:

    Enclosure in 30mm MDF

    Small front baffel max 50cm

    Height: Around 100-125cm

    Internal VAS: 70L/Unit=140 including all in there

    Im open for suggestions, and before u ask..why sealed?..Reason is..i want to have powerfull subs for my music

    Some Thiele Parametre is missing on Dayton site, have attached it!..Nope..Thats not allowed, got an error..Link to the site:

    Click to access 295-168–dayton-audio-mx15-22-spec-sheet.pdf

    Anyone have some time to help me out?