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      Hey my dudes. I’m Stephen. You can call me Stephen or Stevie or Steve or lil stevie. I don’t care. Typically most people call me Cap because it’s part of my last name and it just kinda stuck. I started out in 2006 doing DJing and music production. That got me into mixing and mastering, but I always looked up information regarding studio monitors and room design because I was scared my mixes wouldn’t translate and all my productions would suck because I didn’t have good monitors or a good room. Second to that, I’m usually pretty broke so I’m sure as shit not paying someone to mix or master for me. Obsessing about what monitors to buy as well as wanting to have my own live PA system got me into speaker design. Why pay top dollar for stuff when you can just build it for cheap? I fell down the rabbit hole of speaker design and I’m typically pretty obsessed with the theory and application of the different aspects of physics and psychoacoustics surrounding it. I started looking up amp design but that’s a whole different ball of wax. Eventually, I called it quits on reading up on it at home and right now I’m back in school for electrical engineering. Previously, I was a paramedic, which was cool but it didn’t hit me as heavy as a passion as audio. I still recommend getting your EMT, though. It’s good to know just overall as a person. Currently, I do church A/V and I have a blast doing it. I’ve only done one build making some desktop speakers out of cigar boxes. It had a mute button and a trim pot; wasn’t bluetooth though. I’ll probably continue to do cheap builds, mostly upcycle crap I find at the thrift store, until I get a healthier wiggle room in my budget. Eventually, I would like to do some high end floor standers, amp builds and designs, DSP programming and implementation, and just like crazy stupid builds that are more on the absurd Dada end of speaker building. 

      A couple of my current goals: Develop a proprietary cable system. Develop a discount, DIY friendly DSP active crossover board. 

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      Cap!  Dud so excited you joined up here. I always love your well thought out honesty.  It’s great.  Not to mention, i enjoy your sense of humor.  I too love theory.  It is interesting though, since theory without experimentation is…well theory, lol.  But I love testing these audio “facts” to see if they really are true. It is interesting to see what people just spout out without actually ever testing it.  I hope t see you build some col floor monitors.  And congratulations on the career change.  Good luck at school. 

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      Thanks my dude. 

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