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      Just For Fun

      With the previous discussions of the build classifications of MWAF, it got me to thinking.

      “If you were in charge of such a contest for such a company, what classifications would you like see?”

      I have a few that spring to mind, and two of them could probably be interchangeable.

      First off, I think it would be interesting to see what a builder could do with the “Buyout” section of the store. All drivers would have to come from the buyout section, with invoice to prove it really was. I feel it would be a testament to the designer/builder to take what may seem like pure fecal matter and turn it into, maybe not a diamond, but at least decent costume jewelry.

      The next one would be that the Contest heads would designate a specific set of drivers that you could put in any configuration, any amount, your imagination is the limit, along with just those drivers. This would truly test enclosure design, crossover design and build quality over being able to buy the highest quality drivers available, leveling the playing field. Sort of like Chopped, but with speakers. A variation on that would be that one set of drivers would be held by the contest “Refs” and swapped in and out of the individual enclosures. This would further put the designer/builder to test by making them try to take into account variations in driver manufacture, helping to assure that the end product would have consistent quality through a run.


      Anyone else have thoughts on what they’d like to see?

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      I like both of your ideas but especially the first one and I’m sure PE would love it too. Would help them move some of the inventory (buyouts) faster.  Problem with MWAF is they are already cramming about as much as they can into the weekend, more classes wouldn’t work, they would have to replace one of them.  That or they would need more judges and a second venue (don’t see that going over very well, people would complain they couldn’t be in two place at the same time if they wanted to hear all of the classes). Still, the idea of the buyout build contest sounds like a blast, nothing like some cheap fun.

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      A thought:

      If I were to hold such an event, I’d call it ECAF – East Coast Audio Fest.

      If I held it in Delaware, DECAF!! LOL 😁😀

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      I like your classes as well.  Let’s see if I can come up with some.

      I really like the idea of giving everyone a set of parameters such as drivers and see what everyone comes up with.  To me, that is a neat contest.

      I think if I were to add any, it might be something like DSP only and Portable builds.  Portable builds are becoming more popular, so it would be nice to see what others can come up with. And the DSP only would give people a chance to really fool around with DSP over conventional crossovers. I personally like both and have no real preference, but I think more people would do a fully active DSP setup if there was a class for it.

      I also would be a fan of aesthetically pleasing.  What I mean to say, is who can design a speaker that sounds great, but doesn’t look like a speaker.  Maybe it would be a focal point of a room, or a piece of decor or maybe even completely invisible to the naked eye.  Those would all be pretty cool ideas.


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      Portable could be a tough category. Keeping it small but push the limits of sound quality as well as SPL while balancing battery life. That’s a multi hat tight-rope act there. Bring it on!

      DSP is an area I would like to try at least once. From what I gather it’s an amalgam of electronic  crossover mixed with active EQ. I know what my 20 band EQ did for my room setup, so DSP should be a big step up. Maybe call it “Black Magic” or possibly “Area 51” for all the “secret /  magic things” it does all by itself.

      Aesthetically pleasing is what they should be anyway, but these would be on another level. “The Art of the Speaker” sounds pretty good to me.

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