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      I wonder how the PC-83 would work with something like this since the driver used in this video is no longer available.

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      I really like the PC83.  Just don’t expect much bass from it. Having said that, I’, sure it would do great in a build like this.  But I would keep it sealed.  It does appear the guy in the video doesn’t really know how to tune a speaker, but just put the ports in to make it look cool. That is what it appears at least. 

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      Did you check the link under the video. You’ll have to use the translate feature on your browser.

      There’s a couple of Excel files on that page, about 1/3 the way down, where a link says “It is a rough calculation”.

      Based on the PC83-4 optimum box of ~0.18 CF, a 1.5″Dx6.6″L port will give a Fport of 58.6 Hz and a F3 of 49.3 Hz. Using that Excel sheet, a 0.25 CF box with 4 1″Dx9″L ports will resonate at 54.2 Hz.

      From what I can tell by unlocking and unhiding all the cells, and translating everything, this is purely based on box volume and ports, no driver information is used.

      I have to look at the second xls file yet. Interesting and baffling at the same time.

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