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    Hi all.

    I have a Raspberry Pi with a Dac+ Pro.

    I’m looking for a good linear power supply, and came across the sBooster power supplies, but they are very expensive.

    Anyone has idea how to get a good 5v Linear power supply

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  • scotty

    May 17, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    Does the PS need to be linear?
    Would a simple switching PS work?
    Mean Well has a huge selection of voltage and current combinations.
    Otherwise, I would probably just design/build it myself.

  • tvor-ceasar

    May 17, 2020 at 6:55 pm

    One of the sites I looked at suggested a supply of 5.1V and minimum 2 to 3 amps to fully power and avoid dropouts. The PI has on-board regulators to derive the correct voltages for all the different bits of the board and attachments. So really, what you need is something that meets those criteria (or better – more – for the amperage) with good (low) ripple characteristics and decent regulation.

    If it were me, I’d look on sites like Digikey, Mouser, Jameco, and Newark. They have sorting criteria to narrow things down. I saw a 5.1v, 6 amp, open frame, linear unit for somewhere around $40 US. It’d be hard to beat that just in parts, let alone building it and making sure it’s safe. The biggest ticket item is the transformer.

    All in all, you want to meet the voltage requirement, meet or exceed the amperage requirement, have good regulation and low ripple voltage. After that, the PI board takes care of the rest.

    Linear Power Supply

  • the_golias

    May 17, 2020 at 10:52 pm

    @scotty Thanks for the reply. I would like to avoid the switching, because it has current drops betwen the change in phase, and if it is cheap, it injects noise in your power wall current.


  • the_golias

    May 17, 2020 at 10:52 pm


    Thanks! I’ll dig in a little bit more.