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           Sup y’all? 
      I’m newer to diy home audio, I build a lot of different things and am chomping at the bit to get rolling on my own diy home theater setup. Loved the Klipsch thx clones and was about to start accumulating pieces when I saw the reviews for the Arendal Sound 1723 THX loudspeakers. I think this is where I want to start. If anyone can help me it’s 123Toid. 
         I’m from northern Utah and spend most of my free time working on older Chevy trucks, and just general tinkering. 
         Commercial Glazier by trade, which gives me a good attention to detail, and a strong skillset that would benefit me in this new venture I’m excited to begin. I’ve been watching Mr. Toid for close to a year along with some of his friends. Mad skills bro. I really appreciate the time you take teaching the intricacies of crossover design and assembly. The part I’ll probably struggle with the most. Being deaf to anything over 2,500-2,800kh should almost save me some hassle though 😂. 

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      I’ll tell you what, the one thing that Arendal Sound 1723 THX loudspeaker did well was putting the tweeter in a waveguide. The more I listen and build theater style stages the more I believe the best have some sort of waveguide. It’s really does a great job of filling the area where you want it. 

      I haven’t looked too much into those, but it appears to use a 1″ dome tweeter with a waveguide. 

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      1.1” I think is what the article said yes sir. With an aluminum waveguide (pretty cool) I’m a fan of aluminum stuff. 8” drivers and apparently some seriously heavy duty cabinets. Packed with poly fill, painted on the inside with a butyl lining too. I’ve been wanting to build your klipsch THX clones, or some MTM oversized bookshelf/small towers. I saw these, read the review and thought yep, I wanna see 123Toids take on these. I’ve watched several other gentlemen build and without a doubt you build more to my liking than the others for sure. I’m not saying they’re not talented, they definitely have skills, just your style seems to match my style, or at least style I would strive for. I did convince a friend of mine to make a set of “The Uglies” I helped with the wiring and built the crossovers for him. He wanted to build the cabinets himself. They’re amazing. 
          P.S. Nine is one of my favorite movies. Tim Burton is awesome, and Danny Elfman really nails the score. Doesn’t hurt that I was a huge Oingo Boingo fan from way back. 
          Keep up the great work. 
      mid you ever do decide to clone the Arendals, that’s definitely another set of plans I’ll be buying. 

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