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      the reason why I just joined the community here in the forum is because in fact Arylic pointed me here. 😉 I brought up a problem through their support mail address and in their reply they linked a video from Toid.

      Ok, what is my problem…?

      I have three Arylic Up2Stream Mini V3 devices in my home network. As I have to cover a townhouse (tiny but 4 floors and many walls) I use three wifi access points in that home network. All access points have the same SSID, password and encryption settings so wifi devices can roam between these access points as they like (normally to the strongest signal). So also do the Arylic Up2Stream Mini V3 devices. The devices are far away (based on wifi reception) from each other in the office, kitchen and living room.

      Running the Arylic Up2Stream Mini V3 devices in single mode works perfect. But opening up a multiroom setup with e.g. the kitchen and the living room fails. Basically it works but with many dropouts, lags and sometimes it stops working at all and takes minutes until it recovers.

      I did a little digging and found out that there is always (!) a access point running on the Arylic Up2Stream Mini V3 devices. With hidden SSID when not used and visible SSID when used. This is a complete disaster in the already overloaded 2.4GHz band, especially when living urban like I do. But this is a different topic (my suggestion to Arylic was to disable it and only enable it when needed).

      What I also discovered is that in multiroom mode the slave device seems to connect directly to the master device. Because the slave device disconnects from the wifi of the home network (not visible anymore in the network overview, not reachable via ping…). So what else is left than that it is connecting to the access point of the master device.

      Well, this fails here. Because the Arylic Up2Stream Mini V3 devices are too far away from eachother. For example between the kitchen and living room there is a salt water tank with 500 liters. Perfect shield for wifi. 😉

      So basically my question here is (and also my question to Arylic was): Can these devices connect to eachother using the home network and not their own access points? I noticed that Arylic is also selling devices with LAN ports. I guess that these devices use the home network. Or do they also open up a wifi network for multiroom? As in the video the workshop in the garden is a long way from the house I guess that wifi would not work?


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      interesting question.  Honestly I have not had any issues with it.  And I am using them in a 3500sqft house and connect to a shed outside.  However, I do use a mesh network and have pretty fast internet (1GB).  It sounds like it is more your network and or how your access points reroute the signal.  But honestly, that is just a guess.  I have never heard of this issue before.  Sorry I can’t be of much help.  

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