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      Hey all!

      I’m pretty excited as I’ve been working on a Dinas build for the last 2-3 months. (Been working a lot). I made a few changes to the original design by going with 3/4” mdf and 1/2” for the ports. I kept the internal dimensions the same. I also added Dado’d edges instead of flush glue (found out after putting things together that may have been a mistake, or at least overkill). It took a lot more time measuring and learning how to use a router.

      This is my first attempt at any woodworking other than carpentry framing garages and houses. Not so much on finesse. So I took my time.

      Anyway, I just. Started painting these bad boys this weekend and I thought I share my progress. I didn’t take any other progress photos due to my lack of experience.

      When I was taking the masking off I said to myself, these look like a hot rod, so these are my Hot Rod Dinas!

      Let me know how it looks paint is still wet, so that may be why the black finish looks uneven.

      I’ll post finished products once they are dry and all assembled.

      Oh, and my wife was pissed about paint on the table. 😂😂 Oops!

      Later gents!


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      Awesome paint job! You can really tell the time and effort that went into these! Especially without any automation (CNC, etc). You should be really proud!

      Elliott Dyson – Elliott Designs (YouTube) – 3rd year MENG Student
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      @Mo2breather Haha, I have been there with my wife. I completely understand that 😂 The pictures look amazing! I can’t wait to see them finished. A real quick question. You said you kept the internal dimensions the same. However, it looks like the port (since you used 1/2″ is higher in the cabinet. You did increase the total height of the speakers by 1″, right? So they are now 13.5″ tall? That would be 1/2″ for using 3/4″ material (box) and another 1/2″ for using 1/2″ material for the port (instead of 1/4″).

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