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    Posted by Toids_DIY_Audio on September 25, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    It feels a little strange posting this here for the only thing audio about this project is storage of my music collection and components.  However based on the response to my previous posts, there seems to be some interest in the topic.  So as long as Nick doesn’t object, here’s how I built my home media center.

    My inspiration photo from this website…   Lots of interesting stuff on this website. Scroll down  – you won’t be disappointed!

    I started with sketches and scaled drawings based on dimensions that looked proportional to the inspiration photo. 

    I selected a hardwood – Eastern Ash.  I spent a lot of time planning my cuts for optimal use of the darker colored wood.

    Ready to cut!

    Wood cut to the required lengths.

    Framing and gluing one of the side sections.

    I left out a few steps.  Here are the side sections connected by the framework for the top.  I used half inch maple and quarter inch baltic birch plywood. 

    Attaching trim to the top section.  Finished with a 3/4 inch round over bit.  I later removed this trim and used the round over bit on the bottom edge also.  The after putting everything together again, I drag it outside and round off the mitered corners.

    Next step is installing the half inch plywood top.  I know I took photos of this step but I can’t find them so you’ll have to use your imagination.  This should help:  The top was mounted with a water activated gorilla glue and clamped with almost every clamp I own.  You can’t have too many clamps.

    Fun with Drawers!  Drawers were made using  6 inch wide drawer stock.  This has a pre-cut 1/4 inch notch to receive the drawer bottom.  It took an hour each to build and install drawers II, III and IV and FOUR HOURS to build and install drawer I.  Allow me to explain.  The center panel to which the drawer slides are mounted was somehow tweaked and while the other drawers operated fine, when drawer I was installed and fully closed, drawer III popped open.  Closing drawer III had the same effect on drawer I.  Comical, yes – but I had three hours of frustration ahead of me before I could see the humor.  The solution was shimming the drawer slide on the center panel by 3/16 inch.

    Attaching the drawer fronts – another instance where you can’t have too many clamps!  Drawer fronts were attached using Tite Bond and three screws from inside the drawers.  A little salt prevents the glue acting as a lubricant and the parts do not move when you tighten the clamps. 

    Project complete!  I tried multiple finishes on scrap wood and decided to use a blond dewaxed shellac. 



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