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      I just picked up this use table saw from my Dad’s friend heard he gave me a really good deal on it for $150. It’s a Powermatic 66 that runs off either 110/120 or 220/240. I plan to run it off to 240. I probably will upgrade the fence, but so far I’m really excited about it. Now just a little TLC.  

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      Dang! I’m Jelly! You know what my saw looks like, so you know why. Lol!

      Nice score!

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      😆 Thanks! I was excited about it. I started cleaning the top. It’s not finished yet, but it’s getting there.


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      That’s a sweet deal, especially for a Powermatic! Once you have all the steel cleaned up, apply a couple of coats of Johnson’s Paste Wax, buff it with a cotton cloth after it’s dried. It will keep the metal from rusting again as long as you keep it maintained, re-coat every once in a while. Also makes the surface slicker, you’ll notice less drag on your sheet stock as you feed it through the saw.

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      sweet!  Thanks for that tip!  I appreciate it Kevin.  I am headed to the electrical store tomorrow to get a new subpanel for the shed.  I am also upgrading the wire.  I actually traded a pair of Dinas for all the 8ga wire I needed, some underground conduit and a whole bunch of planed wood (black walnut, golden hickory and some cedar.  The guy who delivered the saw heard them and just had to have a pair.  I think it worked out well for everyone. 

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      Those DINAS sure find homes fast!

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      So true.  Funny story about that.  They sold in like 10 minutes after I posted them for sale.  The guy who ended up buying them volunteered in the room the Dinas were in and wanted a pair since he heard them.  Pretty crazy how life works out sometimes. 

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      $150 is an absolute coup, the PM 66 is one of the all-time great table saws. Add a fence and you’ll have a top shelf machine.

      BTW, I’m brand new here, just wanted to say thanks for creating this forum. I was planning to rebuild an old wood radio with bluetooth and good speakers—I have a lot of experience woodworking, but little with DIY audio. Can’t believe my luck!

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      Congrats on the new saw. It looks great.

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