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      Hey guys! My names Joe! Just a regular guy who enjoys great movies. In October 2021 me and my wife purchased our new home and since then I have been building out my home theater. The room started out at 10x18x9ft it’s small but helps with not needing a ton of power. *Silver lining* Here is the current build process. 

      We started out by painting the room black. We temporarily put up our outdoor pop up screen while I was designing the faux wall for the screen. Also there are 2 windows that I built boxes around to back them out.

      I decided to build some cabinets that should hold everything. On the left are drawers that will hold all the physical media. The middle 2 are shelves that will hold the equipment. And the right is open space that we can put the extra blankets and misc items. The screen is a 120” silver ticket WAB. 

      I also built 2 DIY subs using the Dayton Audio RSS390HO-4 15” driver. Big thanks to Nick for the videos on designing boxes. I’m not exactly sure how well I did but it sure shakes the room. I’m still pretty new to all the nitty gritty details on building from scratch. 

      Me and my son build a riser for the back couch and we filled it with some sound absorbing material to keep it from resonating. 

      We were able to find a used Epson 5040ub projector with a spare bulb for $1000 so we snagged that up. It is amazing! 

      So the current equipment is as follows:

      Projector epson 5040

      Receiver pioneer elite 302 running 5.1.2 

      2 15” dayton DIY subs

      Front speaker Polk audio 

      Left and Right are my dads old EPI Magnus HE21

      Surround speakers BIC in wall FH-8

      Height Boston Acoustic book shelf 

      Sub amp Rockville RPA16 (been working great so far) 

      I think that is all. Some of the future goals are as follows.

      Denon receiver, probably 4700 7.2.4

      I have parts coming in for the Cinema 6 build for LRC 

      I want to build the Toid Atmos speakers for the surrounds and Height.

      Build more acoustic treatments and bass traps

      Add some more accent lighting. 

      I’m excited to join this group and get some feed back! I will be updating this as I update the theater! 

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      Allen Joseph

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