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    My name is Andrew. 

    I am new here, though have been watching on youtube for some time, and appreciate what you do here.

    I am a 34 yr old… old soul. I just completed my master’s of design studies – historic preservation.

    I have always been a fan of music from the late 50s-70s. And have inherited a large record collection that I have since expanded on my own.

    Also, I came into possession of a lot of nice vintage audio equipment in various conditions. These components range in age, some from the mid-70s, on up through the early 90s.

    I currently am processing through the stock I have, and managing two separate “best” setups as I go. One in the living room where my turntable is, and large room speakers. The other setup I am tinkering with is a much smaller room with primarily digital audio sources. My office, pc.

    The current design riddle I am messing with is taking a Kenwood KR-4200 from the mid-70s, doing a resto-mod situation utilizing the vintage front panel to an extent, and redesigning the internal boards to include…

    -4.2 channel speaker amp output with DSP control

    -Solid DAC at least, if not a DA/AD set up (It would be cool to work in an audio interface, with a mic/guitar line in) I also realize that onboard PC audio processing can be a factor and I have looked at internal sound cards, but would like to skip and make a self-contained desktop unit if possible.

    -Phono preamp board would be cool, but not a must.

    -also, considering laying the groundwork for whole-home audio with something like the linkplay system

    Also, I like the idea of being able to use software like sigmastudio to continue to tweak the programming of the entire internal board configuration if possible. 

    PS: as far as the front panel components I want to try to utilize from the KR-4200 are the tone board; bass, treble, balance…. the power button, volume…. things I plan to alter…. the tuner board is stripped, and I plan to use the tuner knob as another potentiometer to the DSP board, and all those black toggle switches are coming out with their board, and the slot I am thinking will work well for front panel inputs or LEDs.

    I look forward to learning as I go. Any ideas or advice would be great.