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    Hello all,

    I’m in the middle of building my theater room and I came across the Toids videos for speaker builds. Full disclosure I’m not an audiophile (yet!) but I am very much intrigued by the idea of building ~$5000 speakers for ~$500 😊

    Unfortunately, I’m having trouble trying to figure out WHICH speakers I should build and how the various builds in the Toids store compare to each other. I’m looking for an ATMOS setup with 5.1.4. All speakers will be built into the wall or ceiling except for the subwoofer, and I’ll be placing 3 speakers behind a 150” Acoustically transparent screen.

    So far I am thinking of the following setup:

    -Center, Left Front, Right Front – 3x “Cinema 10” Speakers

    -Main Surrounds Left & Right – 2x “ESO 5 HiFi Bookshelf” Speakers (sealed)

    -Atmos Ceiling Speakers – 4x Ultimate Atmos Surrounds

    I couldn’t find any threads that compared the ESO 5 to the Cinema 10. Are the ESO 5s automatically better because they are HiFi and the Cinema 10s are not? If so should I just do all ESOs?

    Additionally, are there any issues with putting any of these speakers being recessed into the wall? Each of my boxes will have acoustic foam panels in them and be built into the framing with plenty of insulation behind them as well. The “right main surround” will be built into a collumn so I chose the sealed ESO 5 because it has the smallest dimensions.

    Here’s a little more about my setup design:

    Room size: 19’ x 14’

    Ceiling height: 9’

    Seating distance: 12.5’

    Video Source: Ceiling mounted projector

    Screen size: 150” Acoustically transparent

    Right side of room is open with no wall.

    My main audio goal is to go for a full immersive experience over maximum volume. And as I’m writing this, I realized I have a couple more questions about my planned setup:

    1. I have the choice of an AT projector screen with 3 speakers behind it or a screen with speakers on the sides and below. I was leaning towards the AT screen because it’s the cleanest and must subtle setup. Is this a recommended choice or am I sacrificing visual quality with an AT screen?

    2. I’m under the assumption that any receiver rated for 4k and 5.4.1 Atmos will work with all of these speakers. Is this true or should I also be looking for a specific wattage?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated!