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      Hello everybody.  I am joost and i am from the netherlands. I am reading allot on this forum and hope one day to make some speakers

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      Hey Joostb, welkom

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      Hi! I’m sure you will be able to make your own in no time. There is a spreadsheet called unibox which is a cool program. Then there is getting familiar with WinISD. There is Bass Box Pro (paid) and a couple others. Some books include Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, Bullock on Boxes, testing loudspeakers, etc. Then there is X-sim for crossover design (free). If doing your own driver testing, a DATS v3 for T/S parameters is worth picking up. Also, maybe a cheaper calibrated usb microphone like the UMIK-1. If splurging before going to higher cost ones ($1-3K for the higher cost ones), there is the Earthworks M23R (reference is what the R stands for), which is like $600 or $700 (I’d say build some speakers first, then get this, unless you have the money to and plan to use it a lot from the start). REW is another good program to acquaint yourself with.

      Then just remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and take in what you can as you go.

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      @joostb Welcome!  We are excited to have you!  Feel free to reach out on any questions you have.  We would be happy to help. 

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      @123toid First i wanna build a Klipsch KL-650, and if i understand everything then i am going to build my own speakers


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      Posted by: @joostb

      @123toid First i wanna build a Klipsch KL-650, and if i understand everything then i am going to build my own speakers


      Same here. I’ve come by some equipment for both home and car that I’ve just been sitting on, so I’ve fallen back into watching videos about car and home audio all over again. Nick and Justin are both great to learn from for that stuff. I’m thinking about doing the Cinema 6’s ( myself once I have my car and my neighbor’s truck all done. 

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      @j-k-_-lol Welcome to the forum John! Hopefully we can be of help here, and it’s always great to see a new member! The cinema 6s look like a great build, I imagine you’d enjoy them greatly. They’d probably be what I’d make if I had enough spare change, active crossover though (I’m all about that 🤣). Any questions you have, feel free to create a post for it! 😉👍

      Elliott Dyson – Elliott Designs (YouTube) – 3rd year MENG Student
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      Steven M

      Hey John, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you are, new to all of this.  But I have to say you have happened upon one of the most helpful groups I have found. I hope you have fun here and maybe build a few nice sets of speakers in the process. Your from the Netherlands.  My ex lives there in Almere. 

      Steven Monczka

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