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      Need some advice. I cut the midrange hole too large for mounting screws to grab. I am building a pair of Dinas and when I cut the inner circle for the opening, I read the wrong tick mark on my Rockler circle jig. It give you both inner and outer ticks to compensate for the width of the 1/8 cutout bit. I can’t recut them because I didn’t find out until the boxes were glued and I was test fitting the speakers (cut it before the speakers arrived). The mounting holes have a dia. of 3.54”, and I cut a hole 3-5/8” dia.

      What is the best, easiest, least expensive/time consuming fix? I tried looking for some metal tabs that I could use to use almost like a clamp or vise on the inside of the baffle. I also though about cutting a ring of MDF slightly larger than the speaker cutout diameter to mount on the inside and screw to. I also searched on Google for a plate or adapter that I could use. I’m just asking if any more experienced woodworkers have done this and how they got around it.



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      @Mo2breather that stinks. You are not alone though, this has happened to quite a few good builders. There are a few fixes. What I typically do though, is cut out an outer circle that is the exact size of your current inner circle. Once that is cut and you can verify it’ll fit, I cut out the correct inner circle on that piece. Then just glue it in the current hole, making it the perfect size.

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