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    Hey Guys, My name is Greg, and am known here and elsewhere in the DIY electronics world as NizzyAmps.

    By day I’m a mild mannered neurophysiologist but in my spare time I build electronic projects. Ive been dabbling with electronics my whole life. I love repurposing old electronics for modern use. I do build Boomboxes, but I love taking old radios and refitting them with new Bluetooth components. A meeting of the old and new.

    I also do vintage electronic repair. From tube radios, to turntables, to solid state audio equipment. I also do a fair amount of guitar amp design and repair.

    On the weekends I can be found selling my radios and amps at local Atlanta craft and art fairs. This is a hobby for me, but selling what I make clears off my shelves and pays for new builds.

    I have a YouTube channel, NizzyAmps, that I play with every once in a while. Nothing exciting, mostly dry technical info on builds that I’m doing. I do the vids mainly for myself so I remember how I did something, but if you can get some info out of it, it’s worth a look.

    I’m also on Facebook and Instagram as NizzyAmps. 

    Hope to meet everyone on here and looking forward to seeing everyone’s creativity.