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      There are many ways to listen to your media: physical things like records, tapes and CDs (and for the really old crowd – wax cylinders 😂), then the digital set – files from your computer / phone / player, and streams / streaming. While the first 2 sets let you pick and choose, the 3rd allows for discovery while being at the mercy of some sort of programming. But, you’ll never know what you’ll find (good or bad).

      So, aside from the big ones such as YouTube, Spotify, and all the other “name”/subscription services, what do you use to stream to your device?

      Here’s a couple of freebies.

      Radionomy is a gathering house for niche stations, really stations that someone somewhere has set up for non-commmercial use, though generally the hosts insert ads. I get my “Prog on” here. Use the search function to get to a genre you don’t see, if available. Please note that if the “station” does not  have at  least 1 blue headphone, its stream may not be available. At least that’s been my experience.

      Here’s a really good  college/NPR station:WXPN  lots of variety with an eye towards new talent.

      A Philly Classic Rock station: WMGK  Just what the description says.

      Here’s a local LPFM independent station: WZML The only caveat of this station is they have problems with their equipment from time to time. But boy can you hear things you’d never thought you’d hear again.

      One last one: LOVRadio I have to give a tip to this one since I helped (online) get his mixer board up and running. It may be chock full of 70’s schlock, but it’s good to reminisce once in a while.

      What are your stations?

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      Don’t forget about Radio Garden … almost every streaming radio station on Earth…


      … and it’s 100% free to use.

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      I’m primarily just a “Tidal” guy but am not a fan of the $20 bucks a month I’m having to pay to get the HiFi music, wish it was a little cheaper. Will have to check out some of your suggestions, see if there’s anything I might like. Thanks.


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