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      Hi All,

      I thought somebody might be interested in one of my projects. It’s a Playstation PS1 modded to be a kick ass CD player.  A friend exhibited one in an audio show and in blind tests, it beat a £10k machine. I couldn’t resist building one. The theory is that the PS1 has a simple yet great DAC with low jitter. All that was needed was to build a twin linear power supply and to bypass everything after the DAC and add a pair of high quality coupling caps. It’s a voltage out DAC so just needs a bit of oomph to make it work. The opamps were replaced by a buffer stage giving roughly 1.5 gain using either a 6080 valve or a Russian 6H5C (My favourite for rock music). I’ve found that the Tube buffer really improves the sound from my Raspberry Pi/ Dac streamer too. I’ve done quite a few other mods now but I’ll bore you another time with those 😉


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      I always wanted to do this with a PS1.  That is pretty impressive results.  What is your feelings and experience with it? Do you run it via the RCA?  That is a really neat setup.  I might someday replicate it.  I love this project. 

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      I love it. The dynamics are amazing. The only downside is the interface but if you can connect to a TV, it’s OK. I do intend to separate some of the internal 5v supplies and feed them from separate regulators and fit the IR receiver inside the case. 

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      That’s awesome! You are going all out 

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      @neil you really nailed it with the colour scheme. I myself had a couple of schp-1001’s stashed somewhere a decade ago with my CD collection. Wanted to do some mods to them, but I think the time for it has passed for me, as I rely mostly on flac rips an streaming services nowadays. 

      Maybe you can find a nice composite portable display you can attach to the PS1 and make it a self contained unit (PS1 official portable screens are obnoxiosly expensive nowadays).

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      Thank Martin. I did think of a screen but I’m seriously let down with my metal working skills. If the case isn’t available off the peg. I don’t stand a chance. It would look like a drone strike. 

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      How about a screen meant for automotive use, kind of like the Pyle PLHR70. They tend to use a regular AV style input, so it’d be almost a plug and play deal, no need to convert to RGB or HDMI. Plus it’s be in it’s own case already.

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      I absolutely love it! I always find it so cool when people find new uses for old things, with a bit of imagination. Great job!

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      @tvor-ceasarill I’ll have a look at that. Cheers

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