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    New guy here, so hello everyone.

    I am looking to upgrade from my current mains in my setup. They are the only speakers on the setup right now, but plan is to build new projects to eventually complete out a full surround setup.

    My mains currently are the TriTrix TL Design that I built in about 2008. They are powered by a standard receiver, which is a Yamaha RX series from about 2008 as well. Over time I feel the quality has dropped and unfortunately having a toddler over the years has caused some cabinet damage and a small puncture in one of the woofers. My original plan was just to refresh and rebuild them, but I am champing at the bit for a new project anyway.

    I want to know what would be suggested for a replacement set of mains to build and want to note I will be building a subwoofer as well. I looked at the Cinema 6 & 10, but seems they aren’t ideal for main duty as most reference them as surround pieces.

    Project budget is fairly forgiving with being easily comfortable with spending $500-700 for the pair, but willing to go to the $1,000 range for significant gains, etc.

    Thank you guys for all your help!