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      Hey my dudes. I’m going to be doing some reconing soon and I would like to pick some glues from Lowe’s Depot that would work for a full job. So far I have E6000 for spider and surround to frame as well as some epoxy for former to cone and spider. What glue should I use for the lead wires as well as the dustcap and if any doping is necessary?

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      I don’t do much repair work.  However, it is my understanding that CA glue with activator is one of the best to use for it.  They don’t sell it at HD or Lowes (I don’t believe).  But you can probably get it at a craft store and definitely can get it at Rockler or Woodcraft if you have it in your area.  I use this all the time for my CNC and other projects.  It works fantastic. 

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      I’ve never had to do that myself, so take my comment(s) with a grain or 2 of salt.

      All I know on this subject is either from reading or watching videos. The reading has been a long time ago and there are probably newer products than what was available at the time. As for videos, Xraytonyb just did one on replacing a surround. 

      As for the spider and VC, whatever you discover, let us know.

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      I’ve heard CA as well but mostly for frame to spider and frame to surround. As far as a surround sealant, from another forum and, I think TVOR’s vid, it seems Aleene’s Tacky Glue is the way to go. My assumption is that for the dust cap and lead wires I can get  away with either the contact cement or the epoxy. I’d assume that regardless of either one, it should be the same glue.

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