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      Hey everyone! I may go by TVOR-Ceasar (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose), but on YouTube you may have come across a comment from The True Voice Of Reason, and if you’ve ever been to the Nuts n Volts forum, I’m there as CeaSaR. Additionally, you might find me over at Instructables under Quercus austrina. Mostly, I read the threads and maybe comment, or watch videos and comment. Not a whole lot of time to get into doing videos or making instructables, but it is an enjoyable way to spend some free time.


      Anywho, ultimately you can call me Charlie. As my tag says, I’m from Southeastern Pennsylvania, also known as the Tri-State area (Nick, your wife was right [the unboxing live video]), but just west outside the Philly area, thankfully buffered by Valley Forge Park, in a little town you can find in the early “Stephen” McQueen movie, The Blob. Still go to the movies and see concerts at that theater.


      As for the hobby, I started when I was around 7, built my first mechanical buzzer from scratch, built PBox kits from Radio Shack, still have the 150 in 1 project kit I got as a young teen, built my first real speakers at 14 and have been going ever since. 


      My current fascination is to get the absolute most out of the most frowned upon things in the hobby.  Nick, I told you I have those closeouts I bought from Parts Express, and I’m still toying with just how to set them up.  I’ll save that for another thread.

      Another thing I’ve been playing with for quite a while is a power amplifier made with all generic transistors such as the 2N3904 / 06. Won’t be more than a few watts, but I want to see just how well it’ll do. Again, that’ll be another thread. 

      I’ve got a lot of info floating around and will help in anyway I can. Good to be here among peers and hopefully, at least, friends of the hobby.

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      Hey everyone. 

      A little update.

      Nothing to worry about. I’m still in the same place, all is pretty much the same.

      However, work is in a state of change (good, I guess) and my duties have increased. So it may take some time to reply or participate. I love this site and will be here as often as possible. Just know that if I am not as responsive as I was, it’s not you, I’m just really busy at that particular moment.

      As you all know, work pays the bills. But places such as this forum feed the audio soul. 

      Keep building, keep innovating, hold onto those dreams, and above all, never stop questioning.

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      Just realized, I passed my 1st forum birthday at the end of May. I must say that I have really been enjoying being here and meeting new audio enthusiast friends. I also enjoy the heck out of sharing, teaching, learning and collaborating. And like that last sentence says, I learn as much from you as I hope you learn from me. Here’s to many more years of audio fun, hopefully with an ever growing forum family. 

      Thank you Nick (123toid) for starting this up. And thank you to everyone who has joined. I really appreciate everyone.

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      We are so thankful for you.  You are a founding member and invaluable to this community.  Happy 1st year!

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      In case you wondered, yes, I do actually do build some things related to audio. Merry Christmas everyone!

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      @tvor-ceasar Merry Christmas

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      @tvor-ceasar  Merry Belated Christmas! I hope you had a great one!

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