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    So, I want to start a running page where I will update subs into the first post every once in awhile, this way to help as a reference for people like me that have dove into doing a first build, seen tons of information out there, but get buried in the nuance. It is always nice to have a quick reference. I’ll get a spreadsheet together in a month or so and post it with T/S values listed (along with a zip file containing the data) after that. Also, I plan to incorporate impressions of subs by those that have used them in a comments section of my spreadsheet and attribution of the comment so that people can short hand it.

    To start:

    12″ subs (focusing on ones I’ve considered)

    CSS SDX 12 (this is an XBL^2 driver licensing the patent, which is what Adire used to (and the reboot company) use)

    Scan-Speak 30W-4558T00 (my current top pick; great response at 150W RMS, and Scan-speak has a known quality)

    RSS315HF/A (good driver to hit deep bass, although some complain at quality of mid-bass; still well regarded)

    RSS315HO – can fit small boxes, benefit like CSS SDX

    Peerless XXLS 830845 – good luck finding one of these at this moment (5/5/21), pretty much import only at this point, but esteemed for the sound