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      So, I want to start a running page where I will update subs into the first post every once in awhile, this way to help as a reference for people like me that have dove into doing a first build, seen tons of information out there, but get buried in the nuance. It is always nice to have a quick reference. I’ll get a spreadsheet together in a month or so and post it with T/S values listed (along with a zip file containing the data) after that. Also, I plan to incorporate impressions of subs by those that have used them in a comments section of my spreadsheet and attribution of the comment so that people can short hand it.

      To start:

      12″ subs (focusing on ones I’ve considered)

      CSS SDX 12 (this is an XBL^2 driver licensing the patent, which is what Adire used to (and the reboot company) use)

      Scan-Speak 30W-4558T00 (my current top pick; great response at 150W RMS, and Scan-speak has a known quality)

      RSS315HF/A (good driver to hit deep bass, although some complain at quality of mid-bass; still well regarded)

      RSS315HO – can fit small boxes, benefit like CSS SDX

      Peerless XXLS 830845 – good luck finding one of these at this moment (5/5/21), pretty much import only at this point, but esteemed for the sound


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      I keep meaning to respond to this. This is a great idea. I’ll have to start adding to this discussion sometime this week

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      Reserved 1 – Car Subs

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      Pre-made/finished subs and testing:

      Erin’s Audio Corner (I will break out some of these later, but this is great work and testing. Please support great information):

      *If you like the data from links provided, such as this spreadsheet from Erin’s Audio Corner, please consider donating to the maker of the content. They put their time into doing the hard work for you. Donations generally help to fund future projects and testing, which all benefits the community.

      **During current economic times, it can be hard for some people to be able to give monetary support. Your support is still appreciated. Please help to like and share content you enjoy on various social media outlets so that you can help grow the channels you find useful and helpful. Just because you cannot help financially does not mean your support is not needed. A couple minutes of your time in liking and sharing can sometimes help more than you think. Thanks to all.

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