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      I’m building an active 3-way PA setup in my car, so no worries about passive crossovers.

      Right now I have Bass Face PAW10 midbasses in my doors. They are 95-98dB sensitive.

      I’m planning on buying the JBL D220ti or PRV280ti with a Dayton H07E waveguide.


      I would want to cross over the midbass somewhere around 500Hz and the compression driver around 1,5Khz-2,5kHz (horn recommends 2,2kHz)


      What midrange should I use in between? I would want it to be as sensitive as possible, because I might add a second 10″ per door later. So 95-100dB removed link

      But I want it to be as small as possible, because I have to fit the midrange in the door, aimed, or in the dash corner.

      So 8″ is pretty much impossible to fit.

      I just want something that sounds good, clear and loud and can be EQ:ed flat and stil be sensitive.


      I have 4x200W@4Ohm class-D and 4x150W@4Ohm class-AB (2 channels for rear speakers)

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      @woldemort really with those crossover points you could go with just about anything.  But one that is pretty high efficiency with a nice flat response is the Eminence Alpha 6C.  It has a fairly shallow mount, which should help in the door (2.8″).   And as far as crossing it over, you should have quite the sweet spot for that.  

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      If you are wiling to spend a little more, this one is more sensitive and looks like a great response P.S. that price is for a pair.  A little bit down near 1Khz, but I prefer that.  Not to mention depending on the final crossover point you could possibly work that out.  

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      The alpha 6c looks very good. I would rather have something even less expensive, but that is just at my budget. How would you compare the faital 6fe200 to the alpha 6c?

      The faital is italian and I live in EU so it’s like 35€/ speaker. 


      Have you heard the eminence alpha 6cbmra?

      It’s a closed back driver, so no need for enclosure and it’s even more sensitive just in my frequency range. I just don’t know, some say closed back drivers sound too stuffed or sometging. 

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      I haven’t heard that particular driver. Eminence in general is really good.  I liked the idea of it having a closed back for your application.  I have used the Faital Pro.  In fact, I used them in the KL-650 Inspired build.  I did like them, although, you have to be careful when looking at their response. They use 10dB scale, so it makes them look prettier than they really are.  They are also a little less sensitive than the Eminence, but do go down lower for easier crossover integration.  I don’t have anything bad to say about the Faital pro.  If they are much cheaper and that is what you want to use, I would say go for it.  

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      Okay I just saw the alpha 6cbmra on clearance here for just 30€ a piece, when normally they are 65€ a piece and they had just 2. 🤩

      So trusting your trust for eminence I’m gonna give them a try. 👍


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      Woah! You got a steal! I can’t wait to hear what you think of them once you have them installed.

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