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    I have been lurking, reading and listening now for a couple months now and I’m ready to bite the bullet and order the parts to build a subwoofer.   I was initially attracted to the mini Earthquake but then stumbled on to the Voxel and that really looks like the best option IF i can turn it into a down-firing sub.   I have a fairly limited space constraint of 9″ in height under a wall-hung sideboard and I’m assuming I would want this to fire down rather than up into the cabinet.    I was looking at the Powered voxel but then saw the plans for the Voxel with the radiators and that seems like an even better evolution.   

    My current setup is an Onkyo TX-8020 and a pair of the Pioneer BS22-LRs with the Dennis Murphy crossover mods (my first foray into any sort of DIY audio, and its opened up a deep hole to explore).  My only music source is a turntable.  Nothing digital, no home theater, just vinyl all day long. 

    So questions:

    1. The Onkyo only has a 3.5mm out plug but the Lepai LP210PA only has RCA inputs.   I’m assuming i just need to separate the channels on the line from the Amp to the Sub Amp?

    2. Is this my best option for powering this sub or is there something cheaper/alternative such as a sub only amplifier plate?  I’m wondering if something like this would work:

    Amazon.com: Nobsound NS-03G Subwoofer Amplifier 100W Mini Sub Power Amp (Black) : Electronics

    I realize I’m definitely wading into areas that I don’t really know a whole lot about but listening to SoundAdvice podcasts for the past two days has me motivated.