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      Does anyone have any experience with the HiVi T20-8? I was just looking and this one caught my eye. (“And dragged it 15 feet” – who knows that song?) The response looks really good, averaging around 89-90 dB, +-2 dB, from 2kHz to 20kHz, rolling off ~20dB @ 40kHz. It’s not very powerful, but it looks to be a good match for smaller low to medium power builds. Thoughts?

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      My main concern would be it’s FS of 2500, the typical rule of thumb is that it, with a 2nd order crossover would probably not be crossed over any sooner that 5000hz.  And that seems to probably be a good guestimate.  Makes it fine for a three or 4 way, but probably not going to work well in a two way, unless you are using a full-range driver on the bottom end. It’s pretty cool to see that small neo magnet.  Those are typically pretty expensive to produce, so it is surprising to see the price. 

      *oddly the graph shows FS to be 2Khz, where the data sheet states 2.5Khz….

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      ^^ That was pretty much my thought on how it would be used, with a relatively full range driver that had pretty good response from, say, 100 Hz to around 8 kHz, and setting the crossover somewhere around the 5-5.5k mark. That way, most of the really important audio information comes from the same driver, while the finer details get added by the tweeter. And yeah, desktop/nearfield monitor is the application area I envision atm.

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