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      Hello! I’m going to build medium size 2way speakers with Dayton Audio RS150P-8A of RS150-8 Al version woofer. I really enjoy how it looks and hope also sound decent. I recently red about beaming: For RS-150 the beening starts at about 1850 Hz.

      Do you have any ideas which tweeter amd crossover to use to get best room-filling open sound?

      I already designed a crossover for the RS-150-8 Al:

      What do you thik about that? I just need to add I’m very beginner in DIY speaker bilds, so don’t hold back criticism 😉 

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      No worries.  We all start somewhere.  Doing a two way with an 8″ woofer is always hard to do, bue to the low crossover point needed.  You’re ngoing to want a tweeter with a low FS.  You will probably want at least a 1″ that can be crossed over no later than 1500hz.  THat will give you some leeway when you crossover.  I would look at the Dayton Reference, Peerless Corrondum and maybe the Peerless Ring radiator.  Any of these should work with it. 

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      Thank you for such a quick response 😀 Rs150 is 6 inches, but I see your point. I have  thought about Dayton Reference already but I found this guy <a href=" removed link ” target=”true”>Tymphany XT25SC90-04 with Fs = 824.8 Hz, and it’s better priced, what do you think?

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      Whoops, sorry I read rs180, even though it is clearly rs150.  Funny thing, is I still would have been wrong, since that is 7″.  Whoops.  Having said that, typical lowest crossover point is 2x FS.  THat puts that tweeter around 1650hz.  You could probably go a little lower, I try to have FS about 20db down from your system dB at FS.  You’ll probably need at least a 3rd order.  

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