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      first speaker build far from perfect on the paint work but im happy with the end result wanted to go for a different look im not a huge fan of veneer swapped out the dayton nd28f-6 tweeter for a sb acoustics sb29-c000-4 slightly set back in the baffle to kind of manually timealign the rs100-4 is in a sealed enclosure and the dayton classic 6.5 sub is in .48cbft tuned to 36hz in room i can get a -3 point of 29hz with no dsp and then with some slight dsp can get 26hz useable from this setup very happy with the result huge thank you to toid for the guide lines with the crossover.

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      @seshyyy Those are very nice! I really nike the marble look on the sides. Very classy. Also, don’t beat yourself up with the paint. The great thing about where those mistakes are, is you can easily sand that out, add some glayzing putty or bondo and fix that at a later date (If you want to).

      As far as the crossover design goes, I love the simplicity of it. And I was really impressed that you thought of doubling your resistors for higher power. That is something a lot of people do not think about. Very nice!

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      thanks man learned heaps from this build

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      Looks like fine work to me. How many people do you know that could do better? I suspect that number will be very, very low. Now it’s time to enjoy your hard work. Play some of your favorites on them and see how they perform!

      Now that you are hooked forever on building speakers, you are going to compare them to your next build. Trust me, each pair will have a unique sound. It still is hard for me to understand how they all work the same way mechanically but sound so differently. Welcome to the club!

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