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      Hello new user here.

      And yes I’m a total newbie.

      I have a pair of Proac DT8 speakers and whilst I love them, I do want to make some small ‘ improvements’.

      The speaker uses , some simple foam lining on the inside, with bitumen lining the walls

      I ordered some Sonic Barrier foam to just change out the rear strip of foam with it, to hopefully clear up the mids and highs more.

      Is there something better as lining to put in there to clean up any mid and high standing waves without altering the tuning of the speaker?

      Below are a couple of pic of the existing foam

      Thanks in advance !

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      @tone You are already headed in the right direction. And Sonic Barrier is a good choice. If you wanted to upgrade it, then what most people consider the best is denim. 1inch is usually easiest to find and does quite a broad spectrum.

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        Money isn’t an issue here for trying to improve on the mids and highs.

        I super appreciate the response.

        Could I line the sonic barrier with some acousta stuff. Just a little bit. Don’t want to overdo it.

        Or would denim be the best way to go?

        Again much appreciated.



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        You probably aren’t going to make appreciable gains from going from sonic barrier versus denim. If you are unhappy with your results, you always can make that jump later.

        You can lightly stuff some acousta stuff if you want. Just add a little by ear. I would listen to it first, then if you feel you need it add some.

        I would probably just leave the bottom as is. I don’t think you will really be able to get it off later. You can always stick some foam down there to help with reflections.

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        Well my first experiment failed. Lol

        I put some wool batting in there, small amounts and larger to see what the effect was and it didn’t work.

        Made things bad.

        Funny how that is since the cab has very little damping.

        Oh well good learning experience

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        Also the front baffle at the bottom doesn’t have any bitumen like the sides and back do.

        I’m willing to put some bitumen there but if I don’t like it how do I take it off ?

        Wouldn’t that be super hard to take off after?

        Not to mention hard to put on.

        Thanks !

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