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      Hello, When adjusting the parameters of a vented enclosure in WinISD should I aim to get the transfer function profile to cancel out the low freq dip in the frequency response of the speaker?

      For example here is the frequency response of the RS150P

      Should my transfer function look like this:

      So basically the drop in frequency response would be cancelled by the vented box up to ~65Hz. Or is a +3.5dB gain too much? Most transfer functions I’ve seen in YT tutorials have a much lower peak, usually less than 1dB.

      Thank you for the help.

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      This is a great question!  I was honestly confused by it at first, but with the pictures I finally understood what you were talking about.  The first picture is the manufacturers response in free air.  It is mounted on a baffle but in no box.  Because of this you are going to get very little no low end.  WinISD on the other hand is taking into account for the box that will be built.  Everything really under 500hz or so on the manufacturers graph can basically be thrown out. That is why we use programs like WinISD, to simulate what the low end will be once in a box.  Assume that the 0 is a flat bass response. So if you want a flat bass response you will want the bass response to be as flat along the 0 in WinISD.  However, some people like a rising bass response like in the picture.  If you want that, that is typically called a BoomBox type bass. Really how you shape the bass response will be up to you.  But increasing it 3.5db will not give you a flat bass response.  However, I can see why you would think that, by looking at the manufacturers graph.  Pretty smart thinking actually. 

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      I see, that helps a lot. Thank you!

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