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The way the filter works is that there is what they call the Knee Point – that’s the frequency you design for. This is the Point where you are starting to actually look down (or up, depending on direction) your design slope. This knee point is not a razor sharp point, but rather more of a Point of Intersection (PI) like you would have in a curve as drawn when you took geometry. The PI is the intersection of the 2 tangent lines and sits somewhere outside the arc of the curve. The slope of the filter determines how close to the beginning and end of the curve it is located. For example, a 6dB filter is a much more gentle (larger radius) curve before you get to the actual slope than a 24dB filter (steeper slope, smaller radius). Both are still outside the curve, but the 24dB is closer to the ends than the 6dB. So, when you add in the high pass at resonant frequency (33Hz?) It is actually attenuating the resonant frequency somewhat. Try moving the knee lower and using a sharper slope, and see if it still keeps the xmax under control.

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