Hello everyone once again.

I did not have the opportunity to thank you all for your responses, but I do so now. I had been extremely occupied and if I have some free time, I spent it instead on winISD or crossover designing.

At first I did not fully understand what @123toid was mentioning, about handling of the power etc, and I was still not understanding exactly where I could place the highpass filters, but all of that is in a way solved after playing a lot around with winISD and by just slowly internalizing the concepts and reading your answers multiple times.

I also found this build which kinda corroborates some of my decisions: http://speakerdesignworks.com/Finalists_1.html

So, here is where I currently am and I have now a few more specific questions which I think will be easier to address. I will also start a thread just devoted to the build itself, justifying choices, showing the progress, etc.

My driver selection:
-1x RS225-8
-1x RST28F-4
-1x RS100-8 (question about opinion on this choice).

Cabinet size:
48L (1.695 ft³)
Port tuned to 30.25 Hz. First port resonance tuned to 900 Hz

The above choice gives a very flat response down to 40Hz, an F3 of 30.5Hz and allows the driver to be used up to 52W if we consider x-max, however this also means that the port has air speeds up to 22m/s. But this should be plenty loud, my listening distance is about 3m and the estimated SPL is 93.5dBSPL, which seems a lot when I search online for loudness levels.

Here is a preliminary crossover design with the following things in mind for the overall curve:
-Baffle step compensation of about 3dB (400~500Hz baffle step)
-Decrease of overall sensitivity between 1kHz and 5kHz of max 2dB

Now, regarding my choice of the RS100-8, it was just by chance as I have them, so I decided to use them, however they are rated for way less power than the other guys in the build and have a considerably lower sensitivity. What are your guys thoughts on this?
Should I think of going for 2x RS100-4 in series instead?
Because currently I am juggling things a bit with the crossover to have the first port resonance 15dB below the target of ~90dB while trying to give most of the power both to the RS225 and the RST28F, instead of having a more clear low-mid-high separation which makes me believe that there will be more problems regarding phase. It would also make it easier to handle the first crossover and deal with first port resonance, also allowing me to shift it a bit lower and so avoid chuffing.
What are your thoughts on the preliminary crossover? Looking at both the RS100-8 and RS100-4, what would be your choices for the mids, also considering my comments? Single driver, dual?

(I must add that I ordered both a reference mic and a DATs to analyze the speakers, cabinet and the z-offset, and of course end measurements.)

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