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Things came together better than my initial plan. The TV console I bought to put the TV on was supposed to ship this coming Wednesday ( TV delivery was on Friday). By luck, it came a week early, so I had time to assemble it before the TV got here.

Then the pacing item became a stand to elevate the Cinema 6 center above the TV; I did not want to start that until I had the TV on the stand and got the exact height to put the platform for the center.

I had to design and build it; the speaker is partially cantelevered from the uprights, so it had to be real strong, since the Center is somewhat of a beast. It had been on a stool temporarily, so the size really did not register until I temporarily set it on on my Sub 550p.

IT’S BIG!! (pic below)

Anyway, it all came together as planned. There is 1/4″ gap between the platform and the top of the screen. The platform is radiused to try to reduce diffraction. I did invert the the speaker to put the waveguide on the bottom, and it is angled down to aim the acoustic center axis at ear level (laser guided by Bosch). The voices are really tied to the screen pretty well with this setup. Here is how it turned out. ( pic below)

I really like the elevated soundstage.The LCR’s in the Great room HT system are all above ear level and aimed down so after 16 years, I am used to that and prefer it.

Next steps are to recalibrate everything with the relocated Subwoofer and Center locations .

I did a lot of REW runs last week to test alternate locations. I got one that works pretty well before EQ for all 3 seats on the couch. There was one position that had an overall flatter response, but only for 2 of the 3 spots, the right hand seat had a -20db null from 50 to 70Hz, the curse of small room acoustics.