Steven M

The case did not work out for me. But the issue is on my end. I cannot seem to get the first layer to adhere to the bed of the Prusa. Tried for most of a day, then blinded by the hands of the 3D printer gods and throwing all logic out the window I stupidly decided I would use my resin printer. There is a reason you do not print something like this on a resin printer. In fact there are many reasons. One might be that volume of resin needed would be much more than the resin chamber would allow for. Another might be the skill needed to strategically place supports for a build of this size. Another might be DONT DO THIS AT 3 IN THE MORNING! Yep I think I’ll go with that one. Lets just leave it at that and say the print failed miserably. So now I’m back to trying to figure out why the first layer on the Pursa is not adhering correctly. I’m not a big fan of this Prusa. I’ve had issues with it since we bought it. I’ll get one or two really great prints out of it and then it prints something akin to cat yack. I spend way to much time fiddling with it and then the whole process starts over. But thank you for the STL files. I needed this type of headache in my life right now (JK). 😉

Steven Monczka

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